Our History

Gürsoy İnşaat was founded in 2005 in Istanbul to operate as a construction company. The company has mainly been engaged in construction contracts from government agencies since its establishment.

Gürsoy İnşaat has made available lots of schools, dormitories, social facilities, public buildings and historical artifacts to the country by undertaking and completing various construction, maintenance and repair, and renovation projects contracted by different departments of Istanbul Municipality and Istanbul University.


Historical Remains Restoration and Landscaping works of Istanbul University

Construction works of Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University

Construction of additional building for Ali Yücel Faculty of Education, Istanbul University.

Remodeling and repair works of fire department facilities, 2013

Maintenance and repair works of sports facilities in European side of Istanbul, 2012 Istanbul European capital of sport.

Construction of Karacaköy fire department building

Gaziosmanpaşa Yıldıztabya sacrifice site construction

Roof construction and various repair works of Faculty of veterinary medicine, İstanbul Unviversity, 2005.


Tamamlanan Projeler